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A-Game Courts is always looking to provide clients with the proper products on their floors. Taking the time of a year-long cycle of a hardwood floor answers questions for A-Game Courts. After the long and dry winter months, many times, floors will show more personality in the damp springtime, making the answers to which products are best to use clear.
In the past year, A-Game Courts has used Hillyard, Bona Kemi, PoloPlaz and Advantage Coating Technologies with mixed results from each product.

What’s the difference between water and oil-based finishes and seals?

Generally, water-based finishes are more expensive, don’t give the same “glow” on a floor, and require more product to create the same look as oil-based finishes. Additionally, the floor may need to have new coats of water-based finish applied sooner than others.

Finish Processes

Akin to their mindset on product improvements, processes are fluid and mutable for A-Game Courts. In the past 25 years of installing and refinishing hardwood floors, A-Game Courts has modified the steps as needed to save the customers both time and money.
One feature that has not changed over the past 25 years is the use of a simple T-bar to pull seal and finish across hardwood floors. A two-man-crew will work cooperatively to pour and pull the coating across the floor with a weighted T-bar and a foam or lambskin applicator, creating very little waste and ensuring a perfect finish on each floor.

We Believe in Green

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