A-Game Courts Specialties

University of Oregon basketball court

A-Game Courts works on

  • Hardwood floors
  • New Installations
  • Sanding & Refinishing
  • Repairs
  • Logo Design
  • Poured Urethane floors
  • Sheet Goods

Lewis and Clark College

  • gymnasiums
  • basketball courts
  • stages
  • churches
  • private floors
  • racquetball & squash courts (including glass walls)
  • aerobics, dance and cardio-based flooring
  • weight room, indoor running tracks and climbing center floors
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Oregon State University Gill Coliseum Resurface

What is A-Game Courts doing right now?

A-Game Courts resurfaces Gill Coliseum July 2013

A-Game Courts resurfaces Gill Coliseum July 2013

Watch a live-stream video of A-Game Courts resurfacing the Oregon State University Gill Coliseum here!

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University Work

A-Game Courts is known throughout Oregon and Washington as one of the top notch sport floor installation company.

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process of installing hardwood flooring at Corvallis High School

A-Game Courts provides only the most professional character during any activity on your property. Crew are required to wear long pants, no cutoff sleeves, and you will never be disrupted by an annoying boom box.

Maple flooring acclimates at Oregon State University before installation

The methods of finish application used by A-Game Courts never allows the use of tools such as power-flow sprayers or holding tanks A-Game Courts prides themselves in creating virtually zero hazardous waste because of a streamlined painting, seal and finishing application using only T-bars. When over 1.2 million square feet of finish is applied every summer season, this equates to gallons of waste prevented.

A-Game Courts owner and CEO Steve Hightower pulls finish with a simple T-Bar

Insert installations at Warrenton High School

Logo work for Sunset HS

Underflooring at Warrenton High School





Humboldt State University installation process

Lewis and Clark College Installation

Portland State University weight room install

Portland State University Weight Room Installation

University of Oregon's Matthew Knight Arena practice floor

University of Oregon's Matthew Knight Arena practice floor

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DIN Flooring

Meeting DIN standards means finely tuning the details of your hardwood flooring:

  • Shock absorption – high levels of absorption allows the amount of impact to the lower body joints to decrease, providing safety for each gymnasium floor user
  • Deflection – ensuring the safety of the human body as the floor flexes to support and cushion a particular player.
  • Deflective Indentation – when LaMarcus Aldridge¬†makes a jump shot and Brandon Roy is nearby to guard, Roy receives the same cushioned flooring as Aldridge while they move around one another.
  • Friction – keep all wood flooring at an optimal slip level by keeping it clean with the appropriate products
  • Ball Bounce – the lower this number is, the more life there is to the basketball during play. A-Game courts aims to keep ball bounce levels at 95% or above.

Two different DIN tests:

  1. DIN – a test which sums certain test spots to create an average in hopes of meeting criteria
  2. DIN 2001 – a test which requires that every test point meet each of the criteria (no use of averages)

Oregon State University's Gill Coliseum (2010)

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